Full Circle Festival

A Newfangled Stringband Hootenanny


JUNE 23-25TH, 2017

We are a homemade non-profit music festival held over the summer solstice weekend in rural Nova Scotia. We love music, good food, friendly friends, dogs, children, and dancing in warm summer air.

Kids at Full Circle


 5pm - 7pm Seed bombs/summer wishes

6pm - Swinging Belles (mainstage)

7pm - 8pm - S'mores



8am - Morning wake-up/talking circle

9am-11am - Mudapalooza

11am - “Where the Wild Things Are” mask/costumes/instrument making

12pm - 2pm lunch time games/crafting  

2pm - 4pm scavenger hunt

4pm - 6pm - “Where the Wild Things Are” mask/costume making/instrument making

6pm - Story stones

7pm - S'mores




8am - morning wake-up/talking circle

9am-11am - mudapalooza

11am-12pm - “Where the Wild Things Are”  mask/costumes/instrument making       

12pm - Lunch time games/crafting

1pm - Face painting/parade rehearsal

2pm - “Where the Wild Things Are” parade

3pm - End of festival kids jam

Background image by Rebecca Hartery.